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Futures without Violence: A blockbuster gun rights case lands at the Supreme Court. Here are three justices to watch. (USA Today, November 6, 2023)

Afterschool Alliance: SCPS keeps Lights On for rally (The Sentinel-News, November 1, 2023)

Afterschool Alliance: Districts Make Tutoring a Top Priority in After-School Programs Funded by COVID Relief Aid (Education Week, October 25, 2023)

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Trump wants a do-over on repealing #Obamacare.
This again? Maybe next this loser will try to repeal cell phones or the Internet.

Betty Rollin, Who Wrote Candidly About Her Breast Cancer, Dies at 87.
She was a brilliant writer whose insights and candor helped so many women. She will be remembered.

Global violence against women and girls takes many forms. 1 in 3 women will experience sexual or physical violence in her lifetime. Together, we can invest to prevent violence. #NoExcuse #16DaysOfActivism

Sign the petition: https://p2a.co/VYuX46A

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